Friday, August 7, 2015

Mandalas for Wink

I really didn't know Wink. I read her blog once or twice. I had a serious illness a few years back, and a friend suggested I read "Crochet Saved My Life," by Kathryn Vercillo. When I heard about Wink's death on a Facebook post by Moogly, another avid crocheter and blogger, I immediately ordered the book.

It's a powerful read, full of stories about how individuals battled their fears and fought though depression, harassment, PTSD and more, by crocheting.  

I also decided to crochet a mandala for Wink. 

Kathryn created a project called Mandalas for Marinke. Using one of Wink's patterns, volunteers will create a mandala in memory of Wink. All of the mandalas will be sent to Kathryn, where she will put them up on Crochet Concupiscence and curate an exhibit in San Francisco, including information about depression. She will then distribute the mandalas in a variety of ways.You can find more about it here:

I chose the spoke mandala patternFor the yard I decided on Lion Brand Landscapes in Apple Orchard. I loved the colors and how they melded together. I had never tried the elongated double crochet, but after a few attempts, I got the hang of it. 

It needed to be blocked, so I got out my play mats and straight pins. While it was drying, I crocheted another one, though I had to switch yarn at the very end because I ran out.

Beautiful mandalas for an important cause. Rest in peace, Wink. 

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