Monday, August 17, 2015

Fitbit... what once was lost now is found...

My brother-in-law sent Fitbit pedometers for me and my husband two years ago for Christmas. They're the Fitbit One, with comes with a clip so you can clip it onto your pants pocket, or somewhere else if you're wearing a dress (!) I've traveled with it by plane to New York, Washington D.C. and Las Vegas with no problem, clipped securely to my pocket.

Here it is, out of the clip:

Last Monday, my daughter and I were out geocaching (more about that in a future post). We returned to our house, and I made supper. We were just getting ready to eat when I felt my pocket... no Fitbit. We searched everywhere... in the basement (I was doing laundry while my daughter was at school), and the rest of our two-story house. No Fitbit. I jumped in my car, and returned to where we were geocaching.I retraced my steps, but no Fitbit. I went home, and by that time my husband had returned from his job. I was just getting ready to order another Fitbit, with rush shipping, when my daughter called from the kitchen. "Mommy, I found it!" My husband and I raced in. She was reaching in to the fridge to pour herself a glass of milk when she looked down. My Fitbit somehow had detached myself from my knit pants and hooked itself upside down on the inside bottom of the fridge door! We speculated that when I was reaching down to get the salad ingredients out of the crisper, it made the transfer.

I was so relieved! I canceled my order, but did purchase something else:

A wristband (actually, five of them) to wear my Fitbit One around my wrist. That way, I can keep track of it! One caveat is when I wear it on my wrist it says I climbed more floors that I actually have. It's a small price to pay for not losing my Fitbit all together.

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